Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Check it Out!

A new quilt along is starting over at Twin Fibers. It looks like this is the week for cutting so there is still time to get in on it at the beginning. I was thinking about it but may have to start late. I am determined to get some things finished before starting anything new. I've finished two complete rows on my Random Reflections quilt, and I'm finishing the first border on my Charm pack quilt (seen on the same post). The border is taking longer than I would have liked because I'm doing some piecing. I didn't want to have to buy more fabric so I'm using what I have with some little 4 patch blocks. I'm also still working on my quilting vocabulary so if I use the wrong terminology, please forgive me! A lot of times, if I'm doing things on my own, I just do what I like. I don't necessarily know what it's called.
The kids and I got started on the new Craft Hope project today; bracelets for Russian orphans. I have participated before with one of their previous projects and it always warms my heart.
I had a multitude of supplies so we didn't need to pick up anything. We've made SWAP pins for Girl Scouts so we used a lot of those supplies.
Both my kids really got into it. We are shooting for filling that shoe box in the top middle of the picture. We'll see how many get done before they're due.

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