Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WIP Wednesday #3

I actually got some work done this week so I'm excited!

Ongoing Projects:

The main portion of my charm pack quilt is finished. I bought some border material which I need to wash. Also, even though I said I would finish the back of the Spring quilt last week, it didn't happen. So it really needs to stay in ongoing until I get it done.
The boy quilt is currently on my sewing machine being quilted so no other work can occur until I finish that.  Done!
I also got a few more squares done on my string quilt.

New Projects:
I know I shouldn't until I finish some of the others, but I got a jelly roll and some Kona cotton in maize to do this quilt on Moda Bake Shop.
Also, I haven't done anything with the black/white and green quilt I brought up last week.

Completed Quilts awaiting quilting:
Boy's quilt  (actually made myself sit down and finish the quilting this morning)

Completed Quilts awaiting binding:
Boy's quilt

On Hold:Fancy Stripes quilt 
This week's stats:
New projects - 1
Completed projects - 0
Currently in progress - 7 (I've really got to stop adding to this list. However, the boy quilt HAS to be done ASAP because the shower is tomorrow afternoon)

A question to anyone who will respond: when you give quilts as gifts, do you wash them first? I was just curious. I've only done 2 so far for other people (although most of the ones I'm working on are for others!) and I did not wash them first. It just made me wonder.


Linz said...

Great looking quilts!! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog! Your blog looks awesome! I am now a follower!! :)
Happy Sewing!

Mitzi said...

Hey girl - Sometimes I wash them first and sometimes I don't. It depends on if I want them to look nice and crisp or soft and crinkly. I also tell the recipient the washing instructions though.

Amy said...

I love both quilts.I am guilty of only prewashing if it is a dark color. I like the way they crinkle after washing.

Dee said...

Love, love, love the charm pack quilt! I've played around with doing one of these with Origins and yours is lovely!

ps I'm working with Kona maize right now too. such a happy color!

Mariliz said...

Great projects. I prewash, that way they can use the quilt immediately!