Saturday, April 30, 2011

Update on WiP Wednesday Resolutions:

At the end of WiP Wednesday this week I kind of came up with some resolutions:

"I think I'm going to have to take a stand. I MUST finish something before next week's WIP. My goals are:
1.    finish random reflections top
2.    quilt road to spring
3.    inhale, exhale, repeat,..."

Well, I have an update! I can cross off number 1! Woohoo! One thing taken off my list already!
Plus, I have my Road to Spring quilt pinned and ready to quilt.

Whew! I love that I have that feeling of progressing toward a goal. A COMPLETION goal, that is. And I guess I've done a lot of number 3 as well, just trying to get finished. Next goal, quilt Road to Spring and make my secret project for me. Oh yeah, and my daughter keeps asking when I'm going to make her bike basket. Sigh... at least I never lack for something to do!

1 comment:

Linz said...

Hooray!! Congrats on finishing that top! It looks great! ANd have fun quilting and breathing! :)