Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Love it When Things Come Together!

Okay, so I really wasn't sure about this charm pack quilt. I mean, I love KarrieLyne's pattern and I loved how the other quilts seemed to come together in her Flickr stream. I just wasn't so sure the colors I picked were really going to do it justice once I started putting it together. Granted, mine is not bright and colorful, but I will probably put it out as a fall quilt anyway. I finished the first block yesterday.
Hmmm... well, I wasn't too sure until I made some more and started playing with it.
The colors are much prettier in person. That pop of blue is really blue in front of me. And there are SEVERAL different ways one can put this together. I'm only halfway through with blocks so we'll see how it looks with more blocks to play with.
Meanwhile, the kids have been out for two days on spring break and I'm already crazy. They just have that wonderful bickering going back and forth. I long for the peaceful times of, well, of yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that's coming out beautifully! Sometimes it takes the whole thing being laid out to really see the colors. Beautiful!