Monday, April 11, 2011

Sewing like a madwoman...

I have noticed a button on several quilting blogs that states "I have taken the process pledge." I checked it out and found it here at Rossie's blog. She is encouraging bloggers to write more about their actual process of designing, developing, and creating quilts. This includes all the mistakes and frustrations as well as the fun stuff. I'm definitely all about that. As a newbie, I am not developing too many of my own designs yet (though I have been playing), but I have definitely already modified some things on quilts and I deal with fabric selection on a daily basis. We'll see how it works out.

Quilt progress
Okay, so my sewing machine ended up not being broken after all. And I didn't have to bug my husband about it either which was a plus! I ended up getting the charm pack top done with the exception of borders which I picked up today. I also finished the boy quilt which I currently have taped to the floor and sandwiched (is that a word?) for pinning. I picked out two cute jelly rolls at Tuesday Morning, of all places, and already went by to pick up some Kona Cotton in Maize in order to make this cute quilt after I finish some of the others. When I finish I will have recreated two of KarrieLyne's quilts. I really love how the charm pack quilt has so many options for finishing. I took several pictures outside so that I could pick an option that I liked best for mine. Sorry for the picture quality; I was using picnik online and it just stopped working halfway through my pictures. It looks like several different quilts but it's all the same, just different combinations of color saturation and temperature. What I wouldn't give for Photoshop!
Option 1

Option 2
Option 3 (sorry it's crooked!)

Option 4

Option 5

Okay, so I had another layout but Blogger is not playing nicely today. It took me all afternoon just to download the ones I have!

Like I said, this design is fun and playful. If you check out KarrieLyn's Flickr pool you can check out all the cool ways you can put this one together. I ended up doing option 3 because my husband liked the "maze-look" of it.

Family Story
On more of a family note, a story for maman. My 5 year old son was swinging today (to keep him occupied while his sister was doing her homework). I keep the door open to the basement while he swings so I can watch him. I asked if he likes to swing much at school. He replied, "Yes. But sadly, the teachers at school don't allow me to jump." Yes, sadly the teachers do not allow you to risk breaking your neck at school. What monster teachers those are! I love it when he uses words I don't expect!

Don't you love it when you mess up? I had my boy quilt taped to the floor, sandwiched and ready for pinning. I am crawling around on top of it starting to pin when I notice something.

Do you see it? Should frogs be upside down? Should flames lick the ground or the sky? Yeah, I undoubtedly put one whole strip on upside down. And it's just that one strip. So I had to take out the top and the bottom, turn it around and sew it back in before I am able to put my sandwich back together. And we had ballet and baseball yesterday afternoon so the backing and the batting had to come off the floor until I finished it. Sigh...
My MIL always said she sewed more with her iron and her seam ripper than with the sewing machine.



Brenda Turner said...

That boy of ours is quite a little linguist! He is also quite the jumper!
Love to all,

Chris said...

All your options are great. #3 is very appealing :)