Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I completely forgot yesterday was Tuesday and so I didn't do my Tuesday Tutorial. I will definitely remember next week. I'll probably report on some I've already done but I've got this little weekend bag in mind for my daughter so I'll report on it later. There are some really cute ones different people have made here and here.

Ongoing projects:
The back of my Spring quilt is pretty much finished. Don't you love that fabulous picture?

I'm having to piece together a strip at the bottom to finish it off and I have to attach a label at the bottom. This quilt has a very special story behind it that I will explain later. I can't explain until it is given to the person I made it for though. I will say that, for me, it is like a letter. The front is a mod podge of different fabrics with various meanings. The back sums up those 'thoughts' at the top...

then signs the letter with 'Love' and 'hugs and kisses'.

I'm still working on my picture taking for these quilts. I am learning that they are never good in the basement which is, of course, where my craft room exists.

My charm pack quilt is coming along now that I'm putting together blocks. This is just another placment option.

The baby quilt is coming along fairly quickly; for some reason I just haven't chosen another solid to complete it. I was thinking of just doing white, but also thought of a denim blue. I need to make a decision today. Not much time left on that one. Uh, yeah, I made a decision.

It still needs some work but I found a cute dalmation print. I really wanted this to be a fun boy quilt, not a frilly baby quilt. I always feel like those are more for the mom than the child. I think they are gorgeous, but I have a boy. He wants something that has cool stuff on it like dinosaurs and sports, and dogs and bright colors. I do feel like I kind of threw this together with stuff I had rather than picking out specific fabrics. Maybe that's why I don't feel totally happy with it. We'll see where this goes. Who knows... it may end up in the donation pile and I may buy here some diapers.

New projects:
Okay, so I haven't actually started anything new, but my mind is already racing for a black and white quilt. I was thinking of doing the black and white with just a pop of another color.

What do you think? Wouldn't that be yummy? I may have to keep that one for myself (especially since I haven't actually made one for myself yet!).

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
On the Road to Spring quilt (I'm going ahead and putting it here because I will be finished with the back today)

Completed quilts awaiting binding:
Sigh...still none

On Hold:

Fancy Stripes quilt  (forgot to mention this one last time)
String quilt

This week's stats:
New projects - 1
Completed projects - 0
Currently in progress - 6


Dawnmarie said...

Really like the charm pack quilt - I might have to play with that block. . . . hmmm. Thinking through my stash, there must be something I can use. . . .

Melinda said...

DawnMarie, I love that you can do so many different arrangements of the block. Check out Freckled Whimsy's Flickr stream; there are several with a variety of options for fabric and many different variations for placement.

Melinda said...

I love black and white quilts. I have added yellow, red, lime green, and I want to do one with orange.