Saturday, April 16, 2011

One down, One to Go!

Okay, so I only got one bike basket done but I have a perfectly good reason why I didn't finish the other one. The one I did was for my son and I'm glad I did his first. He is only 5 so his didn't need to be too big.
It fit perfectly on my son's bike but appeared a bit small on my 9 year old daughter's bike. I am currently messing around with enlarging it a bit. That was the delay in getting hers put together. But I plan on getting hers done this afternoon. After a party. A birthday party. At a jump place. Woohoo. Well, maybe I'll take my quilt design book so I can at least color and sketch while they have fun!

And I want to thank Anna for her fabulous tutorial. After I finished and got a good look at it, I took back all the bad words I said about you while trying to iron on that (insert fairly descriptive term here) double sided interfacing! I still want to try to find a way to attach it BEFORE you sew everything together.
Hope everyone's having a nice weekend!

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meg said...

awesome!! I'm planning on giving this a go soon too.