Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sorry Sewing Machine!

I was making great progress. I finished getting my pieces together for the boy's quilt (just need to sandwich at this point), and I was really getting blocks done on my charm pack quilt. I was just thinking how much better my machine was running since I figured out how to adjust the tension on my bobbin and "chug, chug, crash, glub!" My machine eats up the thread and leaves bounds of unhappiness on my squares. I clean it up and try again. Repeat unhappiness. I take the top off, clean it out, try again. Repeat unhappiness. I never understand why this happens to my right when I am thinking such positive thoughts. Is God trying to teach me something? Because I don't get it. All it teaches me is frustration. So now I'm stuck until my husband comes home from fixing something at his mother's house. Poor man. He leaves from fixing something there only to come home and hear me gripe about him needing to fix something here. Sigh...   but I still want it fixed.
I hope you're all having a better Sunday than I am.

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