Monday, April 25, 2011


My mom has an obsession; books. We were at her house for Easter weekend and I was reminded of just how many books she has in her house. I started to take pictures of all of them but I didn't want to be obvious. Here are a few (a very few).
The bottom part behind the doors is full as well.

On this particular bookshelf I found some goodies.

The set on the left is called American Country in which I found a book called Country Quilts. It's really more a history of quilts but it was very interesting. The set on the right is called Stitch by Stitch. It's from 1986, though I think many pictures are more reflective of the 70's. Some were funny because I recognized some actors. Like this guy...
I know I recognize him but I can't think of his name. It seems like he's a Soap opera actor, maybe British?

I did have fun looking back through the old books though. Even though I consider myself a more modern quilter, I really got inspired by several of the quilts in the Country Quilts book. These are all beautiful examples:
I love this one. It's an Amish quilt called Broken Star, and though it looks new, it's from the 1920's.

I love finding things that inspire me to create. I actually created a new pattern this weekend while I was at my mom's. Someone else may have created it before; but, for now, it's mine.


Linz said...

That's awesome!! What a great book to find. I, like your mom, LOVE books! :) What a fun find!

LaDonna and Diana said...

I like the write up by the reversible quilt..."failed quilt top that a frugal woman hated to waste!" At least people can see it. My ancestors put "failed" quilts inside others as the batting or as padding for upholstery! Years later, we found the surprises!


Brenda Turner said...

You sneaky girl! I still love you though.