Thursday, April 14, 2011

Showers and the Design Process!

Baby boy quilt is complete! I finished it about 30 minutes before I had to go pick the kids. I then had to fly over to the school where they were having the shower at 2:45. Talk about timing. But it is quilted, bound, given, and loved. That's the best kind!

Also, I was very inspired by Rebecca's wonderful Design portion of her online quilting class she posted this week. I had been keeping a notebook and even went so far as to purchase a graph book so I could sketch some ideas. Not that I really planned to have any ideas, but you never know. Anyway, I was in a local yogurt shop with my kids the other day and was taken by the color scheme. They used lime green sofas, and purple painted walls with white textured sections to create a striped effect. Around the yogurt dispensers they had used purple and blue/light blue tiles that resembled this:
I was very drawn to the color scheme and I liked something about the look of the design of it all as well so I started sketching. I'm not done yet but it's sort of looking like this so far:
I haven't finished the outer edge and I'm not sure if would go completely solids on this or if I would incorporate some prints. If I did do prints I would probably do something like a tone on tone like the purple I used in the laptop computer bag on my Flickr stream. That bag actually uses the same color scheme as this quilt design so it's been hovering in my mind already anyway. I wish the colors showed up a little better. The center of each block is actually blue with purple and lime green as the other colors. I was thinking of a little Kona Snow as the white but maybe something a little brighter white. Still playing with it right now.

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