Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Calling All Computer Geeks!

Okay, so I had a computer crash scare yesterday. The night before I was working on my laptop when some malware got in. My antivirus caught it but it left its mark which I didn't realize until yesterday morning. The first thing I noticed was that my Favorites were gone. This is HUGE for me because I had a ton of things, neatly categorized and I don't want to have to find them again. Well, my wonderful hubbie was able to fix my computer by doing a "go back" so I only lost a couple of documents I was working on over the last few days. The only other thing that still hasn't come back is my Favorites on the internet. I just tried to start saving my old file names something into my Favorites but it wouldn't let me. It said it couldn't add a folder that was already there. Huh? Okay, it looks empty to me. Is there a way to locate your favorites somewhere else other than your dropdown menu? Or is there some miraculous way to make them come back? Any ideas would be appreciated.

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