Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation and Little Man finds a Friend

Well, it's that time again. That time where I frantically come up with little doo-dads for the teachers for appreciation week. Having worked in the schools as a speech therapist, I want to do soemthing they can use. Last year I did these cute little wristlets like the zebra one in my flickr. This year I wanted to do something similar but, since I'm sort of an ADD kind of crafter, I didn't want to do the exact same pattern. So I found this. Keyka Lou has the cutest little wristlet in a different shape. I love the way the straps close it all up.
                            Image of Camera Case Wristlet PDF Sewing Pattern
So here's the first one I did.
I thought it turned out very cute. It's great for a wristlet. It's a bit small for a camera unless you have a really small camera. I'd love one for myself but my camera is too big. Anyway, one down, two more to go!

My 5 year old son, Little Man, came in yesterday to tell us he'd found a new friend in the yard. "There's a snake!" Uh, yeah. Hubbie? Can you take care of that please? I do not like snakes AT ALL. I got that one from my mom. But I braved it for no other reason than to get a picture.
Here's Little Man's friend. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I think), they did not stay friends for long. Hubbie killed it (yeah, he doesn't like snakes either), and Little Man would not leave until it was over. Needless to say, I could leave. I would have gone to another state if it had been a choice...


Brenda Turner said...

Oh my sweet Lord! Thank goodness for your Hubbie's bravery. Little man needs to know that snakes are not friends!

Mitzi said...

Good thing your husband was home. I would have died! Cute wristlets!