Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthdays and Anniversaries!

Today is a very special day. My little sister turns 40 today. She lives about 240 miles away so I will unfortunately not get to see her on her birthday. So Happy Birthday Sis!

Hope you like your gift! It's not complete yet but, here's a big hint. It's 'random' and you can 'reflect' on it! It will look a lot better when I get the back on it, but I'm getting there.

I hope your hubbie and kids are great to you today! Tell them to give me sis a happy birthday squeeze for me!

Also, one of my blogging buddies is celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary today. Linz has been working on something in secret but has promised to reveal it today in celebration of her anniversary. I'm dying to find out what it is. So far, no pictures. But I figure we have to give her time to tell her hubbie "Happy Anniversary," right?

On a side note, several people mentioned a quilt along or tutorial for my "X Marks the Spot" quilt so I'm trying my hand at that. I just want to make sure everything works before I start posting it.

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Linz said...

:) Happy Birthday to your sister!!

And Thank you for the Anniversary wishes! I'll be posting the pictures this evening *sorry so late!* Thanks again!!