Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I finished the top for "X Marks the Spot"! I'm very excited about how it looks and I'm doubly excited that I have plenty of material leftover to create a pieced back without having to buy any other fabric. Woohoo!
I am a bit behind now since I threw all my time into the "X". I have a bit of a "To Do" list now going on.
  1. Birthday gift to come up with for Thursday
  2. Revamping of curtains into a renaissance dress for one of the girl scouts for Friday
  3. Two birthday gifts for my kids to take to parties this weekend
  4. Two purses to make for a GS mom to give as gifts
  5. Finish my sister's quilt
  6. Finish the "X"
  7. Finish the Charm Pack quilt
It makes me tired thinking about it all.

On a less tired note, in all my perusing of quilts on Amy's Blogger's Festival I came across Sewn by Leila. She is planning a Skillbuilder Sampler quilt starting in June that I am very excited about. You can read about it here. So now we have overall general quilting lessons going on as we speak with Chasing Cottons, and then we can learn some new skills at Sewn when Rebecca's lessons are over. How cool is that?!
I will post pictures of the "X" tomorrow for WiP Wednesday. I've got to get to work!


LaDonna and Diana said...

Saw the picture on your flickr! Looks amazing! Great job!


Linz said...

OOOOOO! I am so on board with the SBS!! Yea! Thanks for posting about it!

I can't wait to see X - and the curtain dress. That just sounds awesome. :)

Good luck with your list! And don't forget - if it becomes too much, it IS okay to buy some presents once in a while! ;)