Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WiP Wednesday #7

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Internet issues all morning. Aarrgh! Now, where were we?
Wow, Wednesday again already? I think Lee is making the weeks shorter for so we can do WiP Wednesday again! But I did get some quilting done this week so I feel like progress was made!

Ongoing Projects: Road to Spring is quilted!

Now I just need to decide whether to add black binding on the left or the pink on the right. I could also do the pale pink if I get up enough fabric. Any thoughts?

I purchased backing material for Random Reflections and will start on the piecing portion of that this week. I hope to get it together so I can get it pinned for quilting as well.

Unfortunately there were a few ongoing projects that had no progress this week. The charm pack quilt sits in the same spot as last week.  I also got nothing done on the string quilt. Sigh... though I did sew on 5 Girl Scout patches this week as well!
New Projects: 

Well, remember this fabric?
Well, I went through several ideas before finally deciding to sew up one of my own designs. I'm calling it "X Marks the Spot" for the moment, though that may change.

I've made two blocks so far and I love where it's going. However, it's a good thing God let the first block come together the way it did. If the second block had been the first one I was making for it, I would have quit. Wrong fabrics sewn together, wrong squares sewn together, plenty of seam ripper use. It was not fun. I was no longer excited about my quilt. But it finally came together so we'll see where it goes now. I also like it in this direction.

I also have two purses to make for a friend out of the following fabric.
The stripe is the liner, with the other fabrics being the outer fabrics.
Completed Quilts awaiting quilting:
Completed Quilts awaiting binding:

On Hold:
Fancy Stripes quilt 

This week's stats: New projects - 1 
Completed projects - 0
Currently in progress – 7

Goals for the week:
1. Prepare backing for Random Reflections
2. two purses
3. more blocks for "X" quilt

Off subject but funny, this is what happens when you have a hubbie in the medical field and squirrels that won't leave the bird feeder alone.

Don't forget to check out other quilters' progress over at Lee's WiP!

So far the hemostat is doing an excellent job 'locking' the top so the squirrels can't get in, thank you very much!


Linz said...

*jaw drops* X marks the spot is incredible!! Serisously. That is one of the most beautiful designs I have EVER seen!! If I bat my eyelashes, could I talk you into a quilt a long? ;)

Linz said...

Oh, and I can see why it's the binding is hard to choose. I love both. But I would probably use pink if it were mine. Although, I recently did black binding and loved it. Um... good luck choosing! I think it's a win either way!

Sadie said...

Road to Spring is so cute! I vote for the pink binding :-)
Love, love, love X Marks the Spot! I have a girlie here who adores green, this would fit in with her bedroom perfectly :-)

Lindsay Conner said...

Wow, I love X Marks the Spot! How clever...

Mitzi said...

X Marks the spot is fabulous! Love it. I like the black binding but that's without seeing what fabric is going on the back. That could change my mind. Either choice will be great though.

LaDonna and Diana said...

Going by the picture, I like the black binding, but either would look great! What is your favorite...that's what counts! Your X blocks look wonderful, as I knew they would! Good job!


kwiltmakr said...

Your X marks the spot block is super. You should do a tutorial for it.

Amy said...

I love the "x" marks the spot! as for the binding on "road to spring" quilt,, why not use both bindings? maybe scrappy? just an idea.

Hollie said...

Those X Marks the Spot blocks are super cool!

DanaK ~ WaterPenny said...

I like the pink binding - it's just so bright! I think if you did the black binding, it would blend in more with the quilt, so it really depends on if you want to have the binding pop out or be more subtle. Both will be great!

Mary said...

Oh wow! I love your "X" blocks. When's the quiltalong? lol


Katie B. said...

Love the bright pink binding!
And x marks the spot? Very cool.

littlemissmk said...

thanks for your sweet comment on my blog :) love your creations- and my vote is for the pink binding :)