Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Making Mistakes

Don't you hate it when you mess up? I was working on block number two of my own "X Marks the Spot" quilt. I had begun sewing the squares together and began working on strip number two when I noticed something. See, in this quilt there are black/white HSTs, there are green/black HSTs, and there are are print/green HSTs.
Yeah, see that stack on the upper right side? What are those? They sure don't look like print with green. Not like the one I fixed right below them. Luckily I only did enough for one block; I was being lazy and only doing one block at a time but this time it was a good thing. Now I have to pull out the old seam ripper and undo all of them so I can affix them to green instead. Unfortunately they have also already been trimmed so I have to be especially careful. Fortunately, they are being attached to green that hasn't been trimmed yet so that will give me a little play room (thank goodness!). I blame this on Cinco de Mayo.
I really wanted to get another block done for WiP Wednesday. We'll see how much work I get done today. Hopefully a lot.
Have you ever done anything that set you back on a project?


LaDonna and Diana said...

When have I not done something to set me back is more like it! I have worn out countless seam rippers over the years! So glad you caught this before too much more was done! I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your blocks!


Mitzi said...

Every time I mess up I wish I could just hit a big UNDO button and go back a few steps. Glad you caught it before you made 100 of them though.