Friday, May 6, 2011

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's Off to Work I Go!

I'd do the whistling part but you can't hear me anyway...

I have the Road to Spring quilt in the sewing machine! I am quilting it, finally! I just decided to get some stuff done. I cut out the fabric for another block on my quilt as well. I'm thinking about calling it "X Marks the Spot" because it started out as an X when I was drawing it. I'm not rushing to get it done since it's really just one I was playing with. So far I've changed nearly all the colors just to use fabric I had in my stash, and I may end up altering the setup of it a bit to make it bigger. I'm thinking about making it for my bed which means it has to be a lot bigger because I have a queen.

Our quilting guild has Saturday Sewcial tomorrow which I may go to. The plan is charity quilting or something you are currently working on. I have a bunch of fabric to donate for charity quilts that I was given so I at least need to go drop it off. I really enjoy going because it gives me time on the weekend to sew without being interrupted repeatedly by various and sundry incidents where one child 'touched, looked at, breathed on, spoke to' the other child without permission (insert the names of my children here!). Speaking of which, I was thinking about differences between kids and how interesting it is to have one of both. I came up a basic description of the difference between boys and girls, which most of the mothers of both genders have agreed with thus far (the ones I've told about it anway!).

Girls will ask to do something and, when told NO, will argue until they are blue in the face why they should be allowed to do said thing.
Boys will ask to do something and, when told NO, will follow through with what they wanted to do in the first place because it is much more important that you actually ASK than it was to listen to the answer. OR they will avoid asking altogether and race right into it because it never occurs to them that permission would be needed.

Girls will attempt something new, and if they fail, there will be drama and tears for at least a week about how awful they are at it and how they will never try it again. Coercion and much encouragement will have to be used in order to get them to make another attempt.
When boys attempt something new, it never occurs to them that it might not be possible or feasible. They race full force into it without thinking of consequences. If they fall down, they get up thinking, "Well, it's because I should have done it this other way." When they break their arm, they get up and say, "Oh, I really should have done it that other way." When they suffer a concussion, they get up and say, "See, I just missed this one part. I should have done it this way." And so on, and so on.

Just this week the following things have happened which back up my claims:

Little Man (5 year old son):
  • stuck the lint brush in his hair and expected me to get it out without it hurting
  • got his finger stuck in the top of a bottle and expected me to get it out without it hurting
  • found a tick on his arm, and wanted me to get it off (let's all say it together now!) without it hurting (that sounds like something I’ve said before…)
  • found a snake in the yard and want to know why it had to die instead of keeping it as a pet
  • used a word in front of me that made my mouth fall open, then told me he heard it said by Larry the Cucumber in a Veggie Tales video. From this I figured out that he'd misunderstood the word in the first place (Let’s just say that Larry ACTUALLY used the word ‘bit’; rhymes with _ _ _)
Boo Bear (9 year old daughter)
  • argued about everything (‘nuff said)
  • whined about everything (ditto)
  • took everything that she had done wrong during the week and made it my fault.
  • asked what song we were listening to on the iPod and when her dad told her it was an acoustic version of "Amazing Grace," she said, "Well, that's disturbing! Why would you have to go through a maze to get to grace?" (doesn't have anything to do with my description above; I just thought it was funny! We go to a church where they sing more contemporary songs and, unfortunately, I don't think she's ever heard Amazing Grace).
But you know what? I love them both bunches and wouldn't trade 'em for a Bernina! So there!


Mitzi said...

I think your descriptions are right on! Except, I don't have any boys so I don't really know about that but I do know your girl sounds a lot like my two.
Have a great mother's day! I'm not going to the sewcial tomorrow. I'm having a date with my husband instead.

Linz said...

hahaha! Those are spot on! :)

Can't wait to see the quilt!