Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WiP Wednesday #8

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
Man, that bed was feeling yummy this morning. It was very strange having a chilly night in Georgia in the month of May, but it sure made my bed feel snuggly! I just wish I had my own quilt on it instead of a comforter. Maybe one day!
Also, I am still slowly making my way through Blogger's Festival; just when I think I'm getting near the end, 50 more Linky's go up. But I love it!
I'm linking up to Lee so go check out all the other bloggers and their progress as well!

New Projects:
This week was a bit busy for new projects. First, I turned a set of curtain panels into a Queen Isabella costume. Back in November, I picked up two extra long velour looking curtains in green from our local Goodwill shop for $4 bucks. I sewed them together halfway up the back, folded them in half width wise and sewed up each side while leaving a hole at the top of each side for arm holes. This ended up being my Professor McGonagall robe for my 9 year old daughter's Harry Potter birthday party. I really should post about that sometime. Anyway, it's been hanging in my closet since then. A friend told me last week that her daughter had to be in a "Wax Museum" for school as Queen Isabellas so I pulled out the old curtain robe and turned this:
into this:

It's still weird to me that these were two curtains. It kind of ended up  looking like a biblical robe but that's just how it ended up. She was excited so that's all that matters.
I also needed a birthday gift for this Thursday so I used this great tutorial for a cute mug rug.
Here is my version:
I've got it turned wrong in the picture but, you get the idea. I love this pattern and will do it again.

Ongoing Projects:
The top for X Marks the Spot is done! And i figured out I have enough of the other fabric left over to do the back so I'm excited.
I'm so happy with it. The only thing I really messed up on was misjudging the size of the squares so it's more baby quilt size than lap quilt, but I'll fix that next time. Darn! I was just looking at it and found a mistake (not that there aren't lots of little mistakes but this is a bigger one!). Don't look too hard. I will fix it. This is why I need a design wall. Oh well. It's a good thing I didn't have the batting and back on already! I'm excited anyway. I'm still thinking of doing a quilt along for it if anyone is interested. 
It's funny to me that the inspiration for this came from a sunrise. Nothing about a sunrise here! But our church shows the words to songs up on screens in front of the church. Sometimes there are pictures or videos playing behind the words. Recently there was one of the sun rising on the water. There was a point where the middle of the sun hit the horizon and points of light jetted out in the form of an X. I originally wanted to do something with the circle in the middle of the X but my doodling led to this instead.

I did get some work done on the back of Random Reflections and will get it quilted this week (hopefully). Charm pack quilt is still sitting in the same spot. Sigh...

Completed Projects:

Road to Spring: this was blogged about for Blogger's Festival here so I won't repeat the story. This will be delivered in July.

Completed tops awaiting quilting or binding:
X will be here next week after I fix my boo-boo. Otherwise, none.

This week's stats: New projects - 2
Completed projects - 3
Currently in progress – 6 (Woohoo! One down!)

Goals for last week:
1. Prepare backing for Random Reflections (close)
2. two purses (one is pinned and ready to be cut; oh well)
3. more blocks for "X" quilt (top done with one mistake to be corrected)

Goals for this week:
1. finish RR backing and sandwich for quilting
2. get ONE purse done (due by 5/28 so no choice)
3. Fix X and get backing done

Happy quilting!


Mitzi said...

I think the X quilt looks great and I didn't see any mistakes! Don't be too hard on yourself.

Bree said...

That X Marks the Spot quilt is gorgeous! Such a fun pattern. I didn't notice anything wrong with it at all until you mentioned it & only after some very close looking noticed one triangle is rotated. At least it's near the edge if you want to fix it, but I really don't think it stands out if you decide to leave it either.

kwiltmakr said...

You just gotta love the Thrift stores. We really need to get out genius' working and recycle more of these wonderful finds for our sewing needs. I like it when people do that, I like to do that too. The X quilt is wonderful. What a great block you came up with.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Everything looks are so busy

Linz said...

X looks amazing! Isn't it great that we can find inspiration all around?! Great story! And yes - I am interested in a QAL!!! :)

Love that mug rug and the curtains turned dress! Awesome!!

Melinda said...
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Candace said...

The X Block Quilt looks fabulous! Great job.

Riel Nason said...

Wow, the X marks the spot is great!!!!

Lee said...

Your X Marks the Spot top is incredible! I love the black/white/yellow color combination. Fabulous design too - did you design it yourself?

Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )