Friday, May 27, 2011

More Mug Rugs and Graduations...

Well, my son has officially graduated from PK! The teacher's assistant and her husband have a hangar at the local airport which is where they had their end of the year party. It was very cool. They had a 'jumpy' slide, served hot dogs, and asked parents to bring desserts. I brought cake balls. Please tell me you've tried cake balls. Yum. Red velvet cake crumbled up with cream cheese icing and rolled up into quarter size balls. Then chilled while you heat up almond bark in which to dip them. Again I say Yum. Anyway, the TA's hubbie and 3 other friends of his did an air show for the kids after their program and dinner. So cool.  Oh yeah, warning! Turn your sound down a little because there's lots of squealing from little people running around.

I told him he had better enjoy it because you don't usually get an air show at most graduation ceremonies.

I met my wonderful friend Mitzi yesterday and she lent me one of her sewing machines. So I finally finished my last two mug rugs for teachers! Yahoo!
The second one looks pretty good but the first one, in Sherbet Pips, seems to suffer a bit from "first time I used someone else's machine" syndrome! It's a bit wonky, and not in the good way. Oh well,the teacher is still getting it.What's funny to me is that the first one is the only one I've made that's anywhere close to the size a mug rug is supposed to be. The first one I ever did was from a tute online and it was a bit larger so all of mine seem to run larger.

My daughter's award ceremony is this morning so I have to decide if I'm going to just take the kids home afterward. Having worked in the schools, I don't usually do that. But I figure she'll already have her certificate for perfect attendance so, what are they going to do? Take it back?

I'm FINALLY getting around to commenting on Lee's WiP Wednesday quilters today. Of course, with my laptop still with the Geek Squad, I'll be fighting my way onto the main computer to have a turn later when they're home. Better start doing some quick typing!


Mitzi said...

Your mug rugs look great. The teachers will love them! Glad you got the machine running. I just got the message this morning, I don't get a cell at the house.

Lisa Ann said...

Hi Melinda! Thanks for visiting my blog and for the great tip about Clover and Violet. I'm heading over there now to take a look and see what is starting there! Thanks for the tip.

Jenniffier said...

How cool for your son and the mug rugs look great.